Custom Design
  Our highly experienced staff can support the development of new applications with custom designs or they can provide detailed reverse engineering solutions for an existing challenge. In either case, we will provide engineered solutions that are specific and proven to ensure that your unique requirements are met with the best available product. And all along the way you will be in touch with an experienced sealing specialist – not an order taker.
  Our highly trained special process operators can take any size cord stock and vulcanize to meet any size o–ring including special shaped profiles or one piece applications. Any custom size can be produced economically and in many instances, parts are available the same day.
Gasket Cutting
  Reduce your downtime with the quick turnaround available in our shop. Any size and material are available to suit your application as we carry a complete range of both dies and materials.



Avoid delays in production downtime and save time in repairs with seal splitting options. This allows for ease of installation and allows repairs to be completed without completely dismantling equipment.

OEM replacement kits
  Our fast and reliable delivery will keep your operation running and provide cost savings. We offer a wide range of OEM replacement kits and with our extensive database, we can identify virtually any hardware – new or used. We can also provide alternatives if required.
Specialty Packaging
  We can meet packaging requirements to satisfy your storage conditions or your end-user needs. Compliance with Military Spec requirements, UV protective needs or any other custom detail can be provided ensuring that maximum shelf life is maintained. In addition your product has maximum protection from damage and deterioration while in storage.
Bar Code labeling
  At no additional cost, your items can be bar coded with specific information allowing parts to be received easily into your inventory saving you time and money in your receiving process.
Stores "Walk Down"
  Seals Unlimited will physically identify your seal inventory and provide a quote based on your parts numbers.